Schmachtl Elektrotechnik


Design & Engineering
Our highly qualified engineers are specialists in the area of oil supply system and cooling equipment design. Customer requirements and specifications are implemented in the design drawings using modern 3D CAD tools. Thanks to many years of experience, critical aspects are also handled with professional expertise. For example, the separation of air is often problematic because of the high viscosity of the oils employed. An appropriate solution is already incorporated in the design.

Experienced welders and fitters fabricate the overall piping in stainless steel. Reservoirs are constructed of normal steel or stainless steel, as the customer desires. We weld reservoir sizes of up to 8000 l ourselves. High-quality components such as pumps, radiators and filters from well-known manufacturers are integrated with proficiency.

Testing / Start-up / Service
All systems we produce are subjected to a test run at which our customers are welcome to be present to see the new equipment in action for the first time. If desired, our trained fitters carry out startup of the system on-site and provide service for it for many years. Regular service ensures proper function of the system over its entire service life.

Sales of Small Units and Replacement Parts
Our engineers select the most suitable unit for your application and create a quotation accordingly.

Ing. Herbert Braterschofsky
Project Manager
T  +43 732 7646-58