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How to benefit from the current investment premium.

There is news for Austrian companies! A new funding program now supports your planned projects. Investments in the field of digitization, greening and energy technology will be focused with 14 %

of the eligible

investment costs


Surf the wave of recovery with the latest solutions for the smart, digital factory - and benefit from the incentive bonus at the same time. Be ahead of the game and schedule a free consultation!

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Collaborating robots

Cobots have much of what modern industry demands up their sleeves: They are flexible to use, fit well into existing work chains and pay for themselves quickly. However, small and medium-sized companies are often still skeptical about the new colleagues. Although it is precisely their production that could benefit greatly from this smart automation. Make yourproduction processes more economical and free your employees from monotonous and time-consuming tasks. Increase your productivity and experience cobots up close. Make an appointment now without obligation and free of charge.

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High-precision and intelligently networked solutions for material flow-management are a cornerstone for the "Smart Factory" of tomorrow. Accelerated throughput times, reduced material and inventory costs, and increased productivity are not only classic promises of Industry 4.0, but can already be realized now. In our online demonstration, you will experience the Smart Factory of today first-hand: Take your production and logistics to the next level!

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Kinexon SafeZone - Social Distancing for Businesses

The KINEXON SafeTag is the new, intelligent wearable for maintaining the necessary minimum distance between your employees. The solution is proven, already in use and immediately available! No additional infrastructure is required.

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The MARK display saves production and logistics workers 6 seconds per scan. The error rate is reduced by up to 33% and increases the efficiency and performance of your employees. Optimize your processes now.

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Measuring devices.

Measure, monitor and document flow for a variety of applications. Whether electromagnetic, ultrasonic, or mechanical flow meters - in our large portfolio we have the right measuring device for your application. Get a free consultation and benefit from our many years of knowledge in the field of measurement and environmental technology

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Hello LED!

Secure 14% investment support for your LED lighting project now. Your end customers will get 14% of the investment back, provided 10% of energy costs are saved. Find out more during a free consultation with our LED expert Marco Steindl.

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Safe power supply

More than 100 installed UPS storage systems in the DACH region speak for themselves. Use solar energy 24/7 and protect yourself from a blackout at the same time. Inquire and inform now without obligation!

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Energy Efficiency More Efficiently

Are you paying too much for electricity you're not even using? For every application, there is the appropriate capacitor solution that keeps energy waste to a minimum. Learn how to eliminate unnecessary electricity costs during a free consultation

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