Peak performance for the most difficult codes



The DataMan® 8700 handheld reader is perfect for harsh manufacturing environments in the automotive, medical device, electronics or aerospace industries where bar codes or Data Matrix codes are used.

Rugged, powerful, built-in display ensures component traceability and high productivity. The reader is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments such as oil, dirt and water, thus decoding the most difficult DPMs - (Direct Part Mark) and label codes.



Oil and water resistant housing

  • Designed for harsh industrial applications
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Oil resistance according to ISO 16750-5
  • Waterproof up to 1 m deep water
  • Resists multiple drops from 2.5 meters onto concrete.

Fastest read times thanks to patented decoding algorithms

The DataMan 8700 can read codes in less than 150 milliseconds. It owes this to a multi-core processor and a high-speed liquid lens with auto-focus technology for high acquisition speeds. In addition, it is equipped with the latest patented decoding algorithm, HDR technology and integrated illumination. 


Leading edge technology

1DMax® with Hotbars®


1DMax® with Hotbars® is an algorithm and technology optimized for omnidirectional1D barcode reading. It can decode barcodes up to 10 times faster than standard readers.


2DMax® with PowerGrid®


2DMax® with PowerGrid® is an innovative algorithm and technology that reads severely damaged codes that are missing search patterns, clock patterns or quiet zones.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging


High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging uses the latest CMOS sensor technology for better image quality, more detail and higher contrast. It improves contrast and captures features that are not visible without HDR.


Multi-core high-speed processor


Operators can scan faster thanks to ultra-fast response times.


High-speed liquid lens


High-speed liquid lens autofocus technology automatically adjusts to changes in working distances without reconfiguration or waiting to focus. It enables greater depth of field without sacrificing optical quality.


Simple setup


DataMan 8700DX relies on the latest technology with an OLED display. With the best readability and economical consumption, it also offers a particularly simple and intuitive control and setup. 



Integrated industrial protocols allow DataMan 8700 to easily connect to PLCs and factory networks. DataMan 8700 supports more communication options, including WLAN at 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 and a wired option. The device can connect directly to computers, tablets and phones.



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