Unboxing Workshop at JKU-Linz



Experience robotics live: "Real and virtual commissioning"
at the International Forum Mechatronics.

When: September 24, 13:30

Where: Johannes Kepler University Linz, Uni-Center

The International Forum Mechatronics is a fixed meeting place for mechatronics engineers and technicians as well as responsible persons and employees from mechanical engineering companies, automation providers or related economic sectors and is already taking place for the 14th time - this time again in Linz/Upper Austria.

Workshop content:

Universal Robots has revolutionized the setup of cobots, reducing setup times previously measured in weeks to just a few hours. Customers report an average implementation time of just half a day. It usually takes an untrained user less than an hour to unpack the cobot, set it up and program the first simple tasks. Virtual commissioning allows the automation solution to be tested using a virtual image of the plant. By coupling the real control system with a 3D simulation environment, software quality can thus be checked without risk and without the need for existing plant hardware. Virtual teaching and verification of the robot program are thus also directly possible.

Join us and experience the future of mechatronics!

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