Dimmable LED Lighting for System Workstations



LED lighting for system workstations now dimmable

SYSTEMLED, a product of the LED2WORK company, protects and supports the human eye during demanding visual tasks at industrial workplaces.



Customers can choose from four different lengths, as well as two light colors (4,000K - 4,500K and 5,200K - 5,700K). Power is connected via the Wieland GST 18 plug to 230V. Schmachtl has been the exclusive distributor of Wieland for many years and is therefore very familiar with both products.  

With a luminosity of up to 9,200 lumens / > 2,800 LUX at a distance of 100cm SYSTEMLED creates an efficient, homogeneous and glare-free illumination and thus a pleasant lighting atmosphere at the workplace.

Further advantages:

- 40% lower power consumption with 30% more brightness

- 60,000 hours life

- no vulnerable ballasts (no maintenance time / no bulb replacement)

By means of plug & play external dimming modules can be easily retrofitted. Advantages of dimmable luminaires in the workplace are clear: individual adjustability, further reduction of energy costs.


Do you currently have a project for workplace, machine or industrial lighting?  We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to assist you with the following:

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