Innovation: Intelligent coupling with integrated sensor technology



Intelligent coupling with integrated sensor technology - The revolution in Industry 4.0

Precise measurement data directly from the powertrain - real-time transmission to stationary and mobile dashboards.


In a rotating drive train, the recording of measurement data is made more difficult because direct networking through a cable is not possible or the required installation space is lacking. With the Intelligent Coupling, R+W offers a user-friendly and versatile hardware and software solution with high measurement accuracy, integrated rechargeable battery and its own mobile app.



The sensor system measures torque, speed, acceleration, rotation and position in space, all in real time. This data is processed directly in the internal electronics and simultaneously transmitted to a wirelessly connected mobile device, evaluated and displayed. 

During the measurement, it is of course ensured that the coupling can continue to fulfill all mechanical properties such as compensation of axial, lateral and angular misalignments and torque transmission


More transparency

The evaluation of the measurement data allows conclusions to be drawn about correct installation, as axial forces, bending moments and thus the offset of the input and output shafts can be determined. The combinable, time-dependent measured variables can be used, among other things, to achieve a better assessment and transparency of the dynamic behavior in the rotating drive train. This allows excellent condition monitoring via the evaluation of specific clutch data in the manufacturer app. 

Subsequently, this leads to fewer failures and downtimes, and plant availability and reliability can thus be decisively increased in the sense of predictive maintenance.

Another noteworthy advantage is the determination of the correct design of all components in the entire drive train. Thus, the Intelligent Coupling from R+W becomes a versatile hardware and software solution for the user.



  • Applications in confined spaces
  • Mobile applications
  • Process data sensitive applications such as test benches
  • Plant monitoring and predictive maintenance



  • Aufnahme von dynamischen Größen im Antriebsstrang
  • Smarte Messelektronik mit hoher Messgenauigkeit
  • Dashboard und Datenauswertung auf Mobile App
  • Kostengünstige Überwachung (Condition Monitoring)
  • Reduktion von Ausfalls- und Stillstandszeiten
  • Kompatibel für viele Kupplungen von R+W

    - Lamellenkupplungen

    - Gelenkwellen

    - Sicherheitskupplungen
  • Vielseitig einsetzbare Hard- und Softwarelösung


Why Schmachtl

  • Technical support and design of couplings
  • Application know-how in drive technology
  • Digitalization of manufacturing through intelligent products and systems
  • Added value through availability, supplier optimization



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