Lab-Supply September 08, 2020: We look forward to seeing you!

Messestand Lab Supply 2019 Schmachtl KNF


With automation to the measurement lab of the future.

Lab-Supply will be held in September at the Vienna International Center. 

When: September 08, 2020, 09:30 - 15:30


Austria Center Vienna in Vienna

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Together with KNF (our partner for laboratory equipment), Universal Robots (our partner for robotics), and LED2WORK (partner for workplace lighting), Schmachtl-Team presents the following highlights:


Collaborating robots

∙ Optimize your production processes with collaborating robots

∙ Robots can be supplemented with grippers according to your choice. Parallel grippers (small part grippers, universal grippers, large stroke grippers, heavy duty grippers and density grippers) offer safe and precise handling of workpieces.


KNF Laboratory Pumps

With KNF laboratory pumps you have found the optimal daily

companion in the laboratory. They were developed together with experts, tested and the result: Clever design, shapely designed with convincing advantages

in handling and functionality.

∙ LABOPORT® vacuum pumps for aggressive gases,


∙ Liquid pumps for analysis and diagnostics

∙ Rotary evaporators for separation and processing

of liquids


LED2WORK Workplace Lighting

With the right lighting in the workplace, productivity and quality of work performance will be increased, while at the same time good lighting will affect the health and safety of your workers.

∙ Magnifying lamp with strong magnifying lens

∙ Work lamp for sunlight at work,

light color is continuously selectable



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Messtechnik und Umwelttechnik: Durchflussmessung, Gaswarnung und mehr

Measurement and Environmental Technology

Measurement and Environmental Technology

Industrie Pumpen- und Kompressortechnik: Membranpumpen, Vakuumpumpen, Kompressoren und mehr

Pumps and compressors technology

Membran-Vakuumpumpen chemische industrie header

Pump and Compressor Technology

Diaphragm Pumps, Vacuum Pumps