Level monitoring with WIKA gauges



Different measurement methods to accurately determine the level.

Level measuring instruments detect the level of liquids, bulk solids or pasty media in closed containers, tanks or open vessels. The Schmachtl product portfolio includes a wide range of measuring instruments with a wide variety of measuring methods for these diverse tasks. Very high variant diversity and customer-specific solutions.


Bypass level indicator

Bypass level indicator for continuous level indication. 

The principle of operation is based on the fact that a magnet connected to a float transmits the level to an indicator bar consisting of magnetic rollers or flaps without additional auxiliary power



  • Continuous level indication without auxiliary power
  • Level proportional indication
  • Individual design and corrosion resistant materials allow a wide range of applications
  • Chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas production (onshore and offshore), shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, energy plants, power plants
  • Process water and drinking water treatment


Level probe

A special design of pressure sensor for hydrostatic level measurement in tanks, wells, shafts and boreholes. For this purpose, the level probe is immersed directly in the liquid to be measured and guided as close as possible to the bottom. There, the level probe detects the hydrostatic pressure, which enables a direct conclusion to be drawn about the current level, i.e. the height of the liquid column above.



  • Level measurement in rivers and lakes
  • Level measurement in tank and storage systems
  • Control of wastewater lifting and pumping stations
  • Monitoring of septic tanks, sedimentation tanks and stormwater retention tanks


Float probes for continuous measurement with reed electrodes

Float probes are used for full and empty detection, for controlling pumps or valves and for alarm protection. They monitor the level of liquids through two reed contacts fixed in the sliding tube. The system uses a magnetic float that moves along the sliding tube and switches the reed contacts when crossed. 



  • Level measurement of liquids in mechanical engineering
  • Control and monitoring tasks for hydraulic power units, compressors and on cooling systems
  • A very wide range of applications from general industrial applications to use in process and process engineering plants.


Optoelectronic switches - level detection of liquids.

The detection is independent of physical properties of the liquids such as density, dielectric constant, conductivity and refractive index in wide ranges. The devices are characterized by their compact design and do not use any moving parts. 



  • Chemicals, petrochemicals, natural gas, offshore ( explosion-proof versions)
  • Shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, cooling machines
  • Energy plants, power plants
  • Process water and drinking water treatment
  • Waste water and environmental technology


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