New diaphragm pumps for stationary gas analysis



New sample gas pumps from KNF for stationary gas analysis systems in process and emission measurement

Sample pumps are selected according to the characteristics of the process gas, the process location and the ambient conditions. Accordingly, manufacturers and operators of instrumentation equipment face a significant challenge in deciding on the optimal feed pump.


In addition to permanently precise measurement results, the three new pump types from KNF offer an even wider range of applications in continuous gas analysis:



Diaphragm Gas Pump N922 Serviceable


Diaphragm Gas Pump N816 Long Life


Diaphragm Gas Pump N838 Efficient


  Type    Delivery rate at atm. Pressure (l/min)    Vacuum (mbar absolute)    Max. Pressure (bar g)  
N922max to 16 2002. 0
N816max to 161000.5
N838max to 341000.5





  • Unadulterated conveying
  • Maintenance-free
  • Chemical resistant
  • High gas tightness
  • Long service life
  • Very quiet and low vibration
  • Cool running motor
  • Version with adjustable flow rate
  • Operate in all mounting positions



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