New pump for pumping UV ink in digital inkjet printing



Developed for special challenges of UV inks

Nowadays, UV inks are used for all industrial inkjet printing applications.

KNF has developed five special low-shear diaphragms for UV ink with its FP 400 diaphragm pump


Applications in practice

packaging print

Laminate & wood printing


ceramic & metal printing

Why UvInk FP 400?

preventing hardening

Reziculation volumes up to 4 l/min

Ideal for high-laydown printheads

Low pulsation

Running speed below 150 mbar

Prevents excitation of UV initiators

FP400 comes in different versions

Model EPDM, Ideal for less aggressive UV and waserbased inks

  • Model PFTE, coated membrane for solvent-based inks
  • Model FFKM with membrane and valves for oil/solvent-based inks and aggressive pigments


Why Schmachtl?

  • Needs-based consulting on site
  • Complete solution for diaphragm pumps
  • Customized prefabrication of control units



Schmachtl Customer Service

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