Diaphragm Gas Pump N 936



Diaphragm gas pump N 936 - insensitive to condensate

Precise pump solutions in medical equipment technology.

Sample preparation in diagnostics in particular requires the safe handling of gas/vapor/liquid mixtures of the most varied compositions. This is the ideal field of application for the N 936. The individual elements of the pump head are designed in their function in such a way that any condensate produced does not impair the operation of the pump. 

Condensate flows out of the pump head without residue, so that the formation of corrosion is avoided. It runs quietly, making it ideal for use close to patients.


Advantages of the N 936

  • LOWER COST: Two motor variants for all worldwide voltages, brushless DC motor optionally available.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, STILL SILENT: Up to 39 l / min flow rate at a very low noise level.
  • EASY INTEGRATION IN EXISTING DEVICE DESIGN: Universal connection scheme, compact external dimensions.
  • CONDENSATVERTRÄGLICH: The pump head is designed so that accumulating condensate can flow out well. 


Why diaphragm gas pump N 936?

  • Optimal flow characteristics for high gas flow
  • High steam and condensate compatibility
  • Integrated wide-voltage motor



  • Medical technology - use in autoclaves, suction devices for ENT
  • Diagnostics- suction of sample residues
  • Instrumental analytics - for sample preparation
  • Vacuum technology - pick-and-place applications


Why Schmachtl?

  • Competent consulting
  • Individual solution
  • Logistics support
  • Project support





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