Pumps for reliable ink delivery in inkjet digital printing



Reliable Ink Delivery with Gas and Liquid Pumps from KNF

KNF's maintenance-free and long-lasting gas and liquid pumps are used in the entire range of industrial inkjet printing:

For example, in digital printing systems for large-format banners, in decorative printing for furniture and ceramics, or in printing systems for barcodes and labels on packaging.

Customized complete solutions consisting of gas and liquid pumps ensure continuous ink delivery. The diaphragm pumps are precisely designed to meet the special requirements of inkjet technology.



Liquid pumps:

  Delivery rate at atm. Pressure (ml/min)    max. suction head (mWS)    max. pressure head (mWS)  

Ink supply: Direct delivery of ink to the printhead

50 - 6. 000310
Print head cleaning100 - 250310
Purging30 - 300  10
Ink circulation600 - 1. 200310


Vacuum/pressure pumps:

  Delivery rate at atm. Pressure (ml/min)    Vacuum (mbar abs.)    Overpressure (bar)  

Ink supply: Indirect pumping by pressure overlay

3.3 - 4.5220 - 3001, 5
Degassing3.1 - 57 - 700.3 - 1.5
Print head cleaning3, 12401,4
Purging3,1 - 4,5  1,4 - 1, 5
Vacuum generation at the print head for the meniscus effect0.33 - 3.1240 - 6630.37 - 1.4


Applications for diaphragm pumps in digital printing systems:

  • Large format printing
  • Packaging printing
  • Decorative printing on ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Labeling in textile printing.



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