Diaphragm Vacuum Pump of LABOPORT®, Type N820G and N840G



New KNF LABOPORT vacuum pumps

New KNF LABOPORT vacuum pumps for aggressive gases impress with ATEX conformity, performance data, size, design. Optimally suited for technically challenging solutions with speed control via a brushless motor for stand alone pumps. 


The new KNF vacuum pumps type N 820 G / N 840 G are manually controllable by means of a rotary knob and can thus be used in a wide variety of applications. Both pumps are very energy efficient and quiet in daily use due to the speed control. 

Both diaphragm pumps are suitable for very aggressive gases thanks to their chemical-resistant properties. They feature a very small footprint and save valuable space in your lab. In addition, the N820 G & N 840G pumps of the new LABOPORT® generation are equipped with an easy-to-clean surface. 


Technical features of the N96

  • 100 % ölfreie Förderung – dadurch unverfälschtes Fördern, Evakuieren und Verdichten
  • Hohe Dampf- und Kondensat-verträglichkeit
  • Ideal für sehr aggressive/korrosive Gase und Dämpfe
  • ATEX-konform gemäß II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 
  • Integriertes Gasballastventil
  • Ausbaubar: optionalen Abscheider und/oder Kondensator einfach einzeln dazu montieren – fertig ist das passgenaue Vakuumsystem
  • 3-Farben-Statusanzeige für In-Betrieb / Stand-by / Störung
  • Integrierte Drehzahlregelung
  • Umweltfreundlich



Applications: including rotary evaporation, distillation, gel drying, degassing


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  • Individual solution
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  • Project support





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