RFID Safety Sensors ST H Series



RFID safety sensors ST H series

Pizzato has a complete range of electronic sensors with RFID recognition technology in industrial automation.


The ST series with RFID actuator technology has been specifically designed to meet increased safety requirements and also complies with ISO standard 14119.

These sensors are the first choice for safety applications in machines without overtravel, where no interlocking of the safety guard is required. They detect the actuator electronically using RFID technology with a high coding level, ensuring that only this actuator and no other is detected. This enables maximum tamper resistance. 

Multi-tag programming:

Up to 16 actuators can be stored and a different behavior of the device can be provided for each individual actuator. This multi-function is particularly useful when machines with multiple workstations need to provide different modes of operation from the sensor detected actuator. 

The ST series has also been certified with ECOLAB for the food and beverage industry.


Three Series Types


This series features a housing with a built-in permanent magnet that provides a locking force between the sensor and actuator. Thanks to this permanent magnet, guards can be closed even in the presence of vibrations, and recoil can be prevented when closing the door. Unwanted opening of e.g. light guards due to drafts is also prevented. You can select the appropriate locking force for your application from 3 different strengths.

  • Symmetrical housing
  • Mounting hole spacing 78 mm
  • Multi-color indicator LEDs for immediate detection of the status of the protective device
  • Versions with magnetic guard locking of the actuator
  • Technology as with ST G
  • Optional with built-in permanent magnet


  • Standard mounting hole spacing 22mm
  • 2 multi-color indicator LEDs
  • Multi-tag programming
  • Extended temperature range design for extreme environmental conditions from -35°C to +85°C


  • RFID detection
  • Available with 3 different actuators
  • Safety inputs and outputs
  • EDM input
  • Actuated programming input




Why Schmachtl

  • Total solution for your safety engineering
  • Standard-compliant safety engineering design
  • Needs-based safety consulting on site
  • Buffer storage for series requirements





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