podis® for charging stations



The flexible system for electrical supply of charging stations.

The podis® decentralized energy bus system from Wieland now also plays to its strengths in the charging infrastructure for e-car charging stations in parking garages. The podis® decentralized energy distribution system allows a large number of charging stations to be connected with just one supply line. This saves time during installation, requires fewer lines and significantly reduces the size of the distribution cabinet. 


But the podis® five-core flat cable system has even more advantages to offer, some of them unique. It offers a cost-effective, quick-to-install and, above all, flexible extension of energy taps for e-charging stations. These can also be retrofitted at any point on the energy bus. Since the tap-off modules are available for both fixed and plug-in installations, there is no need for time-consuming installation work if a charging station ever needs to be replaced.

The power bus can also be fed in at any point, allowing for the shortest possible supply lines and/or low voltage drops. Special feed boxes also make it possible to transmit higher currents to supply a larger number of charging stations. 


Advantages with podis®

  • Time saving: positioning of the tap-off modules without cutting, stripping and stripping
  • Flexible: Mounting of the tap modules at any location possible
  • Safe, durable and high contact quality with penetration contacts
  • For a variety of charging stations with only one supply line
  • Less cabling effort
  • Modern appearance
  • Safe in operation
  • Lower fire load due to wire savings



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