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Core Training

Participants in Core Training gain a lot of hands-on experience with cobots in addition to the theory.

This includes, among other things, the programming of common tasks, but also the operation of classic peripheral devices such as sensors or grippers. After completing this training, you will be ready to create pick and place, palletizing and other common application programs yourself.

These are the training focuses at a glance:

- Safe management of the robot and understanding of safety concepts.

- Creating and optimizing programs for various typical applications such as pick & place, palletizing, polishing or dispensing.

- Connecting and using peripherals such as sensors, grippers or conveyors.

- Knowing online tools and resources to help you with application programming.


Our Training

Core Training


Einsteiger mit Automatisierungs- background, Absolventen der  UR Online Academy 


 E-Learning-Core-Track der UR Academy absolviert 

Target audience:

Ebeginners with automation background, graduates of UR Online Academy


Completed UR Academy e-learning core track

Training Location:

Schmachtl Linz

Pummererstrasse 36

4020 Linz


  1. Pick-and-. Place application
  2. Security settings
  3. Optimization of a pick and place application
  4. Autostart of programs
  5. Program flow
  6. Palletizing
  7. Force function (simple)
  8. Process application with operator selection
  9. Flexible new setup
  10. Implementation plan
  11. Online resources

Price: €1395*/p.person

**Price excludes VAT



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