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Easily optimize your production processes with collaborative robots

Universal Robots "Cobots" are collaborative robots that enable cooperation with humans, playing a crucial role in the automation of production facilities around the world. Collaborative here also stands for interaction without spatial separation between humans and machines.

Where are Universal Robots cobots used? Wherever humans perform heavy,monotonous,dirty and dangerous work on a daily basis in the production environment. By having the robot assist and/or take over daily tasks, the worker has more time for meaningful and supervisory activities. Cobots are used in a wide range of industries from mechanical engineering and automotive to pharmaceuticals, electronics and aerospace. Joint, collaborative and close cooperation between robots and humans increases process efficiency and production safety, enables automation of monotonous and hazardous work, and leads to a reduction in production costs

The Universal Robots e-Series stands for 'Empowering', 'Ease of use', 'Everyone', and 'Evolution'. 


Universal Robots are versatile, compact and highly flexible. They were developed with the goal of being integrable in any production environment worldwide, even in the smallest manufacturing facilities. Specifically designed for the landscape of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Austria, Universal Robots' robots offer a wide range of automation options, increase productivity and create a decisive competitive advantage. The robots are TÜV NORD ISO 10218-1 certified and awarded with Category 3, PLd safety features according to 13849-1. 


The e-Series family

In addition to a better specification compared to the previous series, this series is mainly characterized by the fact that the last joint is monitored with a force-torque sensor.





  • Load capacity 3 kg
  • Radius of action 500mm
  • Rotation of joints 360 degrees
  • High-precision tasks
  • Easy assembly





  • Payload 5 kg
  • Action radius 850mm
  • Easy machining tasks
  • Quick setup & programming





  • Load up to 10 kg
  • Range 1300mm
  • Precision
  • Packaging
    and palletizing tasks




Now NEW UR16e



  • Payload 16 kg
  • Range 900mm
  • Handling heavy objects
  • Material handling, CNC machine tipping







Advantages of Schmachtl as a partner in collaborative robots

Why Schmachtl?

  • Official distributor of Universal Robots for the whole of Austria
  • Advice in choosing the right cobot
  • Support in using the right accessories

- Gripper technology

- Image processing systems

- Conventional drive technology

  • Technical support and qualification of the customer in the field of robotics
  • Safety solution expertise for the appropriate protection of your cobot
  • Fast service due to our proximity to the customer (technical offices in Linz, Vienna, Graz, Innsbrück)

We demonstrate the simplicity and application possibilities of a Universal Robots lightweight robot at your premises. Benefit from our expertise in lightweight robotics as well as complementary sectors such as safety, ID and vision. You are welcome to solve applications for your customer as an integrator in a project. Contact us now to find out what collaboration opportunities we can offer you.


How-to with cobots

Advantages cobots

  • Automated packaging and palletizing operations reduce costs
  • Relieve employee workload through autonomously performed "Pick-and-place work" with intelligent image processing systems and grippers
  • Quality testing through non-destructive test methods and 3D measurement of the cobot ensures product quality
  • Handling of prototype and small series parts through direct connection with the injection molding machine
  • Support of highly precise manufacturing processes with high variability thanks to individual adapter devices


Why Universal Robots?

Safe and collaborative

Cobots take on monotonous and/or dangerous tasks to increase and optimize your company's productivity. Continuous stress, injuries and accidents among human workers can be well minimized.


Quick Startup

Commissioning a cobot takes no more than 1 hour. No special electrical installation is needed. Simply plug the cables into the socket and the robot can start working. Following the motto "Plug and Produce", cobots are equipped with an intuitive user interface. This enables immediate integration into production. The average implementation time in the customer's application is normally no more than half a day.


Flexible deployment

With cobots you can automate, quickly and easily switch and configure various jobs.


Easily programmable

Patented technology allows cobots to be set up and programmed quickly. The intuitive 3D user interface can be operated without programming experience. This saves you time and money. Simply move the robot arm to the desired waypoints by hand or touch the arrow keys on the user-friendly touchscreen panel.


Quick payback

With the benefits of advanced automation with collaborative robots without the associated costs of programming, commissioning and protective enclosures previously associated with them, Universal Robots' cobots are becoming a real opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses.



Knowledge blog

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Cobots Education

The handling of cobots is characterized by a user-friendly simplicity. Nevertheless, it has to be learned. After a short training, however, your employees will already become experts - with our support.

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How to climb the 4 steps to human-robot...

Collaboration means working together. The degree to which this is pronounced between humans and robots can be divided into four different levels: Spatial separation, coexistence, cooperation and finally collaboration. Here you can find out how these differ in their areas of application and what role cycle speed and safety play.

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How to teach your cobot to palletize

Palletizing is a relatively simple application for which few things are better suited than the tireless arm of a cobot. Conveying single workpieces to entire carton boxes onto a pallet falls under this application.

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What components you need to get your...

Investing in a cobot makes sense in many cases to make production more efficient and flexible using automation. But what additional components do I need for commissioning? And which accessories are suitable for my specific application? This much we can reveal in advance: The diverse range enables the optimal solution for your application.

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Learn from automaker VW how to use...

From mobile charging stations for electric cars to self-driving forklifts to sleek platforms with wheels: The use of mobile, collaborative robots ("cobots") is showing its strengths in a wide variety of areas. We use concrete examples to show how you, too, can derive your benefits from the application.

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How to know when robotic vision systems...

Vision systems are a great help in industry. Their use in combination with cobots can also bring advantages. We show when such an application is useful and underline this with application examples directly from practice.

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Virtual Robotics Fair, March 23 - 25,...

Visit us online March 23-25 at the Schmachtl Cobot Exference Event! Schmachtl presents everything about robotics and shows limitless automation with cobots.

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How to integrate bin picking with cobots...

Bin picking is in many cases a useful solution for moving individual parts to a place designated for them. You can see exactly how the whole process works and what steps need to be gone through during commissioning in our new how-to video. Here, we give you a deeper insight into the topic as well as more advanced application examples.

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In 10 steps to a secure cobot...

The safety of a machine is the be-all and end-all in the industry. Just as this applies to any machine or plant, it is also essential when integrating cobots into the production process. Are you wondering how this can be ensured? We give you an insight into the safety engineering checklist.

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No-Code Cobot

Programming has to be learned. Intuitive programming should therefore make our lives easier in the future. What is already possible in this regard with cobots and what the future holds, you will learn in the article.

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Cobots take over assembly activities

Cobots are almost all-rounders. However, their use in the assembly area is particularly popular. Here you can learn more about which work steps can be taken over by cobots.

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Sanding and Polishing with Cobots

Sanding and polishing surfaces are very monotonous and strenuous tasks for humans, but essential in many areas of industry. Cobots are happy to take on this work, learn more in the article.

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Cobots by Universal Robots

Schmachtl is a distributor of robotics company Universal Robots (UR), now the market leader in cobots-worldwide. We dedicate this article to UR's success story, which started in Denmark in 2005.

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Cobots-flexible use

Investments are based on big decisions that should be carefully thought through in advance. Why an investment in cobots is currently nevertheless beneficial, you will learn in the article.

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Cobots are versatile helpers that can make everyday production work easier. When and where cobots are really useful to use and where they also have their limitations, read here

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