Security - light curtains and laser scanners

Complete portfolio of high-performance components and systems for human safety.



Safety light curtains and laser scanners

Complete portfolio of high-performance components and systems for human safety.

Schmachtl views safety as an integrative part of your processes and supports you in the best possible implementation of the optimal safety solution.




Security laser scanner:


Danger zone, access or point of operation guarding: safety laser scanners can be used effectively and in a variety of ways in all areas of personal protection. They enable a very flexible mounting position due to arbitrary and individual protective fields as well as their compact design, and they can also be used in mobile applications.


Automotive industry

  • Pressing plant: danger area safeguarding on processing machines
  • Body shop: guideway safeguarding on the automated guided vehicle and transfer car
  • Paint shop: safeguarding of the load pick-up and load delivery area

Tooling machines

  • Pipe and wire bending machines: safeguarding the bending area
  • Robot work areas: Area safeguarding


General information about safety laser scanners:

Safety laser scanners can protect all areas such as hazardous area, access or point of operation guarding of persons. They allow by arbitrary and individual protective fields, as well as by their compact design, a very flexible mounting position and also the use in mobile applications.


  • Safeguarding wide-area hazardous areas up to 8, 25m
  • Two self-sufficient protection functions through two safety switching output pairs
  • Large plain text display for easy to read status messages
  • Bluetooth and Ethernet TCP/IP interface facilitate commissioning
  • Easy mounting and simple device replacement through separate connection unit
  • Different connection variants with M12 or cable
  • Time-saving one-step configuration


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Safety light curtains


Reliable and fail-safe safety sensor technology ensures high plant availability and productivity.

Wherever man and machine work "hand in hand", our safety light curtains can be applied vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding or horizontally as area guarding.

In terms of integration capability, availability and cost-effectiveness, they meet the highest demands.


Automotive industry

  • Pressing plant: point of operation safeguarding
  • Body construction: safeguarding against undergripping as well as rear step protection
  • Powertrain/continuous conveyors: access guarding without multi-sensors

Machine tools

  • Machining centers: point of operation guarding
  • Punch presses: Undergrip protection
  • Machining centers: point of operation guarding


General information about safety light curtains:

Safety light curtains are used wherever danger points and hazardous areas need to be reliably safeguarded. Robust variants and various resolutions provide a maximum level of safety for special environmental conditions.


  • Gapless safety at host / guest transition for under-grip protection without dead space
  • Simple and cost-effective electrical installation, as only one connection to the control system is required
  • Easy alignment due to parallel display for host and guest
  • Up to 5 m distance between host and guest for optimal design of the under-grip protection



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Multi-beam safety light barriers


Multi-beam safety light barriers with muting function provide e.g. in conveyor technology for permanent personnel protection (access guarding) with unhindered material supply.

Options such as the integrated laser alignment aid, an integrated muting indicator and the patented swivel mount for easy mounting and adjustment round out the program.



Automotive industry

  • Powertrain/continuous conveyor: access guarding
  • Press shop: access guarding
  • Press shop: access guarding on press brakes

Tooling machines

  • Punching and laser cutting machines: Access guarding, single and multi-sided
  • Robot work areas: Access guarding


General information about multiple light beam safety devices:

Multi-beam protective photoelectric sensors with muting function provide permanent personnel protection (access guarding) with unimpeded material feed, for example, in conveyor technology. Options such as the integrated laser alignment aid, an integrated muting indicator and the patented swivel mount for easy mounting and adjustment round off the range.


  • Reliable robust design
  • Time-saving installation due to simple mode selection and easy alignment
  • Efficient solutions for short distances up to 8 m due to transceiver (transmitter / receiver in one housing)
  • High range offers efficient solutions for safeguarding long distances up to 70 m, also across corners with several mirror columns
  • I ntegrated laser alignment aid for time-saving alignment, especially when using mirror columns
  • Easy parameterization via wiring
  • AS-i interface



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Single beam safety light barriers


The single-beam photoelectric safety switches of the MLD series are self-monitoring and convince with ranges of up to 100 m. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Parameterization takes place without a PC simply via the wiring.


The single-beam photoelectric safety switches of the SLS series are operated in conjunction with a suitable test unit. Their compact housing dimensions make them uncomplicated to integrate.


Automotive industry

  • Press: collision protection


General information about single-beam safety light barriers:

Due to their compact dimensions, single-beam photoelectric safety switches play out their advantages to the full, especially in confined installation conditions and the absence of flat mounting surfaces. 

They can be integrated very flexibly at different installation heights, even in existing machine concepts, and here they very reliably perform a wide variety of tasks in safeguarding danger points and access. 


  • Parameterization simply by wiring, i.e. neither software, PC or dip switches necessary
  • Use even at low ambient temperatures down to -30 °C
  • Options: integrated laser alignment aid, AS-i interface, 7-segment display
  • Simple device replacement via plug & play without programming
  • Range: 100 m



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Signal lights


    • Optical status indication in the field of safety door monitoring
    • Optical signal transmitter for wall mounting for visualization of a safety area


General information about signal lights:

Signal lights are LED-based electronic devices. They are often multicolored and serve, for example, as access control. An external switch can be used to switch between the colors.


The impact-resistant plastic, the high degree of protection up to IP 66 and a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C additionally guarantee reliable operation, even in demanding environments. The consistent use of particularly energy-saving, high-luminosity LED technology also sets standards in the areas of ecology and economy. 

  • Pre-assembled column versions
  • Easy mounting and connection of the modular columns via bayonet lock
  • M 22 standard mounting for all installation types
  • Split and multi-color optical signaling devices in one housing.
  • Modular, individual composition of the signal heads as a column in 40 mm and 70 mm
  • Single and multi-color recessed lights in different diameters 30 / 45 / 65 mm
  • Optical, acoustic and combined signal heads



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