Switching strips, switching mats and bumpers

Complete portfolio of high-performance components and systems for human safety.



Switching strips, switching mats and bumpers

Complete portfolio of high-performance components and systems for human safety. 

Schmachtl views safety as an integrative part of your processes and supports you in the best possible implementation of the optimal safety solution.






  • A special evaluation device is not necessary
  • Contact chain consisting of normally closed contacts
  • Simple design of the system
  • Rotationally symmetrical design of the switching elements
  • Resistant to chemical substances
  • Weather resistant
  • The contact chain- Safety Edge meets category 3 and PL to d according to DIN ISO EN 13849-1
  • High safety level
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certification


General information about toolbars:

Switching strips come in a variety of designs and styles. The HSC safety edge provides immediate shutdown of the drive on equipment such as protective hoods, lift tables, theater stages, sliding gates when struck by a body or part of a body.


Switching strips consist of series-connected, mechanically positive-opening NC contacts in the form of a contact chain. Current-conducting contact rollers and insulating intermediate elements (wedge rollers) are alternately strung on an expander cord. The contact rollers are pressed together by pretensioning, and the closed circuit is closed. When actuated, at least one of the contact roller pairs is separated via the wedge-shaped intermediate elements and the current conduction is interrupted. Conversion of the output signal is thus unnecessary, since a break signal is directly applied. 


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Switching mats


  • High resistance to environmental influences and common chemical influences
  • A special evaluation device is not necessary
  • Contact chain consisting of normally closed contacts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Robust system design
  • Special shapes possible
  • Various sizes possible
  • The contact chain- Safety Edge meets category 3 and PL to d according to DIN ISO EN 13849-1


General information about safety mats:

Protective devices are assemblies that put a machine into a safe operating state as soon as a person enters the protected area. Designed with rugged PU construction with non-slip top cover for industrial environmental conditions. 

On equipment such as machines, machining centers, presses, robots, high-bay warehouses and many others, the HSM Safety Mat ensures immediate shutdown of the drive when a person steps on it. As long as the person is on the mat, the machine cannot be switched on again.


When the safety mat (signaling device) is actuated, the special geometry of the ticking links inside the signaling device interrupts the flow of current. This interruption represents the OFF state of the output switching device and thus transmits the safety output signal to the downstream machine control system. The safety mat meets the requirements for automatic reset because it changes to the ON state after the actuating force is removed. Due to the closed-circuit current principle (forced interruption of the ticking links), no separate evaluation unit is required to provide the output signal.


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  • Foam body with integrated contact chains
  • Customization to customer's product design
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to chemical substances


General information about bumpers:

Bumpers are protective devices used for large overtravel. They are equipped with a foam pad that is appropriately surface coated and, if necessary, reinforced and colored. Bumpers of the HSB series are used to protect crushing and shearing points indoors, such as on machine hoods, lifting tables, lifting and tilting devices, automated guided vehicles (AGVs).


The bumper is made of PU soft foam, in which the contact chains (sensors) are arranged. The sensor of the bumper consists of series-connected, mechanically positive opening NC contacts in the form of a contact chain The number and location of the contact chains depends on the size and application of the bumper. In case of linear motion, usually only the front side of the bumper serves as a button. In other cases, where the machines also traverse radii, contact chains are also incorporated into the side surfaces. The complete foam body with the integrated contact chains is glued onto a support plate and completely coated with PU coating. The color is black or signal red. Yellow safety stripes can be applied optionally. The thickness of the coating depends on the stress on the bumper. 




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