Thermometers, thermostats, temperature sensors, temperature switches

Industrie Temperaturmessung: Bimetallthermometer, PT100, Temperaturfühler und mehr


Temperature measurement in industry

Temperature is one of the most significant parameters in many industrial processes

Different materials and media need different measuring systems. Our range therefore includes thermometers, temperature switches and temperature sensors for a wide variety of applications and areas. The thermometers are available both analog and digital and for different temperature ranges, for example as bimetal or resistance thermometers or as analog glass thermometers for machines.



Our products

Electric temperature sensors

Advantages of electric sensors

  • Maintenance-free
  • Wide range
  • Suitable for any application
  • Mature technology
  • ATEX
  • Reliable solid technology
  • High-quality workmanship


General information about electrical temperature sensors

Electrical temperature sensors are electronic components (temperature sensors) that emit an electrical signal that is analogous to temperature. If the temperature changes, the signal automatically changes as well. In addition, the sensors can be connected to a relay to switch the electrical voltage. The design depends on the application and can range from insertion sensors with cable output or plug-in connections to cable sensors for ATEX zones. If an electrical circuit is integrated, the signal can be forwarded to a display or processed in a controller and used for more complex tasks. We offer a wide range of maintenance-free electrical temperature sensors with many possible process connections.


application fields


  • Automation
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating and cooling circuits
  • Air-conditioning
  • Environmental
  • Water/wastewater
  • Vessels and piping
  • Apparatuses heating and furnace
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Power generation
  • OEM applications
  • Process engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Motor monitoring
  • uvm.


Product range

  • PT Compact
  • Cable probe
  • Plug probe
  • Resistance thermometer
  • Temperature switch
  • Temperature transmitter



Advantages Thermometer

  • Cost-effective
  • No electronics
  • Insertable versions
  • Insertable or with capillary
  • Pivotable
  • Chemical version


General information about thermometer

Our range includes thermometers for industrial applications in a wide variety of designs and sizes, covering a wide range of connection variants. The thermometers are available as built-in versions or with capillary and range from simple bimetal thermometers to chemical versions for extreme requirements.


application fields


  • Refrigeration
  • Heating and cooling circuits
  • Water-wastewater engineering
  • Vessels and pipeline construction
  • Apparatuses heating and furnace construction


  • Environmental
  • Mechanical
  • For OEM applications
  • Process engineering
  • Chemistry
  • uvm.


Product range

  • Bimetallic thermometers
  • Remote thermometers
  • Gas pressure thermometers
  • Protective tubes


Thermostats and switches

Advantages thermostats

  • Pre-assembly by immersion tube
  • Switching differential adjustable
  • Mature technology
  • Ex-i-, IP65 and chemical version
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Terminal connection housing


General information about thermostats

We carry a wide range of thermostats, temperature monitors, limiters and sensors for industrial applications. Thermostats are available in many varieties: Room thermostats, for example, are suitable for greenhouses, livestock barns and warehouses, as well as for monitoring the maximum temperature in control cabinets and relay stations. Rod thermostats are suitable for direct installation in containers, pipelines and air ducts. The sensing cartridge at the end of the capillary tube is the actual active part of the sensor. Temperature changes at the capillary tube have no influence on the switching point. With the help of an immersion tube, pressure-tight installation of a sensor in pressure vessels of all types is possible. The immersion tubes can be mounted in advance.


application fields


  • Heating and cooling circuits
  • Refrigeration
  • Environmental technology
  • Apparatuses heating and furnace
  • Water-wastewater technology


  • Vessel and Piping Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • OEM Applications
  • Process Engineering
  • uvm.


Product range

  • Room thermostats
  • Staff thermostats
  • Capillary tube thermostats
  • Temperature monitors
  • Temperature limiters
  • Touch thermostats
  • Temperature sensors


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