Terminal blocks and PCB terminals



Removable connection of wires, cores and conductors

Terminals are used where electrical energy is generated, transmitted and distributed

In our assortment we have terminals of different connection types: screw connection, tension spring connection and push-in connection.



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General information about PCB terminals

We carry a varied and high quality selection of PCB terminal blocks and connectors for power, data and signal transmission. The PCB terminal blocks we sell are from the wiecon and gesis series and offer a wide variety of connection technologies: screw connection (screw terminals), spring connection (spring-cage terminals) and crimp connection.

Application fields

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Building services
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning


Advantages of PCB terminals

  • 4 connection techniques: 
    Screw connection (screw terminals)
    Spring-cage connection (spring-cage terminals)
    Push-in connection (push-in terminals)
    Crimp connection
  • Pluggable or solder version
  • No flame versions according to EN 60335-. 1
  • Individual markings and coding
  • No mismating
  • Fast and safe connection technology
  • Saving space
  • High number of variants


Technical features

  • Pitch 3.5 - 10.16mm
  • Clear assignment through customized printing and color differentiation
  • Different coding options mechanical and color
  • Innovative locking systems


Tier clamps

General information about terminal blocks

The flexible selos and fasis terminal block programs allow you to choose between screw connection (screw terminal blocks), tension spring connection (tension spring terminal blocks) and push-in connection (push-in terminal blocks) for every installation project. The versatile terminal blocks offer optimal handling and a uniform, standardized accessories. 

The wieplan and wiemarc configuration software support the planning process with simple and intuitive user interfaces, thus completing the holistic modular terminal block solution.

Application fields

  • Plant construction
  • Machine construction
  • Automation technology
  • Building services
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Advantages of Schmachtl terminal blocks

  • 3 connection technologies:
    Screw connection (screw terminals)
    Spring-cage connection (spring-cage terminals)
    Push-in connection (push-in terminals)
  • Extensive, partially standardized accessories
  • International approvals
  • Assembly service and customized solutions
  • Software/project planning tools


Technical features

  • Easy connection
  • Safe and maintenance-free
  • Tool-free push-in connection
  • Connection of fine-stranded conductors with and without ferrules
  • Plug & Play:
    Double jumper channel, pluggable connection bars, pluggable test adapters



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