Pressure measurement

Pressure gauges from vacuum to gauge pressure 15,000 bar

Industrie Druckmessung: Manometer, Druckschalter, Drucksensor und mehr


Devices for measuring relative pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure

Mechanical pressure measuring instruments, pressure switches and pressure sensors: switches, pressure gauges, sensors, diaphragm seal accessories

Pressure gauges are measuring devices for detecting and indicating the physical pressure in liquids or gases. Combined with diaphragm seals and accessories, these gauges are suitable for processes with high temperatures and aggressive media. A wide range of materials allows applications for process engineering in chemical, petrochemical, mechanical engineering and other industries.



Our products

Mechanical pressure gauges

Advantages of mechanical pressure gauges

  • Large material selection, ABS plastic, copper alloys, steel, stainless steel and many more.
  • Accuracy classes: 2.5 ... 0.1%
  • Liquid damped with specific filling media
  • Connections at the back, at the bottom, nominal sizes from 40 to 160 mm
  • Pressures up to 6000 bar
  • Possible use in Ex zones
  • Customized scales and LOGO
  • Safety requirements according to S3 and EN 837-1
  • Contact pressure gauge with up to 4 limit switches


General information about mechanical pressure measurement

From standard manometers to pressure gauges in chemical design: we offer a wide variety of manometers and pressure gauges for different media and pressure levels up to 6000 bar. The gauges are available in different materials and are suitable for various applications and fields of use. The devices for pressure measurement meet the safety requirements of S3 and EN 837-1.


application fields


  • Process technology
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry biotechnology
  • Water Wastewater technology
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Plant and apparatus engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Power generation
  • Technical gases
  • Automation
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire fighting technology
  • Railway technology
  • Diving
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Medical technology
  • Hydraulics
  • Laboratory technology
  • Vacuum technology
  • Special vehicles
  • Gas generation
  • Test rigs (max. and burst pressure)
  • Filter monitoring
  • Mobile hydraulics and much more.

Product range

  • Tube spring, diaphragm, capsule pressure gauges
  • Pressure gauges standard
  • Pressure gauges heavy duty
  • Pressure gauges chemical version
  • Impression gauges
  • Differential pressure gauges



General information about pressure switches

Products from different manufacturers combine to create a diverse selection of pressure switches and temperature switches. The switches can withstand high demands and are used in a wide range of applications. Many of our long-standing industrial partners rely on solutions with these pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches (pressure monitors). They feature stable switching points, have high resistance, are versatile and reliable.


application fields


  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Burner and boiler monitoring
  • Mechanical engineering, industrial plants
  • Construction machinery
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Vehicle construction
  • Biogas and combined heat and power plants
  • Water supply
  • Transport logistics
  • Painting and coating
  • Ex applications, safety applications, functional safety


Advantages of pressure switches

Industrial plants

  • Highly flexible program
  • Different sensor materials provide media resistance
  • Different switching devices to meet: Switching characteristics, switching voltage, switching differential, switching safety, environmental situations

Air & air conditioning

  • Differential pressure switches report reaching the pollution level to the control center

Burner and boiler monitoring

  • For plants according to TRBS as well as DIN 12828
  • Suitable also for monitoring unfired vessels (EN 764-7).


Product range of Schmachtl

Electronic pressure switches

  • Microprocessor-supported pressure switches
  • Free parameterizable switches
  • For absolute, differential, and relative pressure
  • Digital display and status lights

Mechanical pressure switches

  • Mechanical pressure switches and limiters
  • Pressure, vacuum, differential pressure switches
  • min/max pressure, Ex-protection, ATEX, DVGW, TUV
  • Pressure switches for fire extinguishing equipment
  • Vds approval


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Pressure sensors

General information about pressure sensors

Our pressure sensors work precisely, reliably, are corrosion-resistant and mechanically resilient. The sensors are suitable for pressure measurement tasks in production as well as in development and laboratory. They are also suitable for use in extremely space-critical applications.


application fields


  • Luft- und Klimatechnik
  • Heizungsanlagen
  • Brenner- und Kesselüberwachung
  • Maschinenbau, Industrieanlagen
  • Baumaschinen
  • Mobilhydraulik
  • Landtechnik
  • Fahrzeugbau
  • Biogas and cogeneration plants
  • Water supply
  • Transport logistics
  • Joining
  • Painting and coating
  • Ex applications
  • Safety applications


Advantages of pressure sensors

  • Front-flush installation
  • Disturbance-free pressure measurement and a hygienic cleaning
  • Robust and long-term stable behavior
  • Condensation-resistant as well as high resistance to common refrigerants
  • Optimal solution for extremely installation space-critical applications
  • High accuracy
  • Local, mains-independent digital display
  • Integrated battery


The Schmachtl product portfolio

Electronic pressure sensors

  • Vacuum, gauge, absolute pressure
  • OEM versions up to 15,000 bar
  • ATEX, FM, CSA, GL versions
  • Sensors for pressure and temperature
  • Digital display, special applications



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Pressure seals and accessories

Advantages diaphragm seal

  • High quality standards
  • Made according to customer drawing
  • Tests of tightness and surface finish. 
  • Selection and manufacturing according to application, accessibility of the measuring point, temperature, pressure conditions and hygiene regulations


General information about diaphragm seals

Diaphragm seals are used in pressure measurements when the measuring instrument must be protected from contact with the medium. Diaphragm seals can be used in conjunction with Bourdon tube pressure gauges, pressure switches, transmitters and differential pressure transmitters. They can be made of a wide variety of materials, depending on the type of medium or intended use. The diaphragm seal separates the gauge from the medium and, by filling the system with a pressure-transmitting fluid, ensures virtually instantaneous transmission of pressure to the gauge. We offer a wide range of diaphragm seals and accessories for diverse applications.


application fields


  • Prozesstechnik
  • Verfahrenstechnik
  • Chemieanlagen
  • Pharma-Chemie Biotechnologie
  • Wasser-/Abwassertechnik
  • Anlagen und Apparatebau
  • Maschinenbau
  • Energieerzeugung
  • Technische Gase
  • Automatisierung
  • Nahrungs- und Getränkeindustrie
  • Kältetechnik
  • Medizintechnik
  • Labortechnik
  • Vakuumtechnik
  • Sonderfahrzeuge
  • Prüfstände (Höchst- und Berstdruck)

Product range


  • Flanged diaphragm seals
  • Screw-in diaphragm seals
  • Special designs
  • Water bag pipes


  • Shut-off valves
  • Valves
  • Protection tubes


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