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Parallel grippers, vacuum grippers, centric grippers and magnetic grippers

The range of grippers is diverse. So diverse that you can quickly lose track of them. But once you are able to distinguish between the different areas of application of the tools, light comes into the darkness. We clarify the different areas and support you in making the right choice.


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Cobots by Universal Robots

Schmachtl is a distributor of robotics company Universal Robots (UR), now the market leader in cobots-worldwide. We dedicate this article to UR's success story, which started in Denmark in 2005.

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Cobots-flexible use

Investments are based on big decisions that should be carefully thought through in advance. Why an investment in cobots is currently nevertheless beneficial, you will learn in the article.

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Cobots are versatile helpers that can make everyday production work easier. When and where cobots are really useful to use and where they also have their limitations, read here

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In tomorrow's factory, robots are indispensable and therefore a harmonious interaction between humans and robots is essential. Cobots make such applications, easier than ever.

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Cobot or Industrial Robot? A cost...

When the industrial robot is too uneconomical or simply not a good fit, cobots are the first choice. Unlike their heavyweight, fenced-in counterparts that always do the same job, cobots are true chameleons.

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Even at the end of the value chain, time and money can be saved and "invisible" packaging costs prevented. Automation can reduce packaging costs by up to 40%. Cobots support you in the fast and error-free construction of cartons.

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When is a cobot worth it for SMBs?

"My business is too small for a robot.", "Robots are too big and too expensive.", are common doubts of SMEs. But they are unfounded. But practice shows: cobots in particular prove their worth even in smaller companies.

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Our products

Parallel grippers

General information about parallel grippers

Parallel grippers (small parts grippers, universal grippers, large stroke grippers, swivel grippers) are suitable for safe and precise handling of workpieces. The option of equipping the grippers with inductive sensors, magnetic switches or workpiece-specific gripper fingers increases their functionality, process reliability and productivity. Whether electric, servo-electric or pneumatic, we already have your gripping solution in our portfolio.


  • Simple pick&place
  • Machine loading
  • Packaging
  • uvm

Advantages of parallel grippers

  • Robust reliability
  • Longevity
  • Flexibility
  • Investment security
  • Intelligent gripping force control


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Vacuum gripper

General information about pneumatic vacuum grippers:

Vacuum cups are usually available in round or oval shapes. All types of suction cups are available in different materials, which makes them flexible. Customized solutions made for specifically your product or application, guarantees the best solution for your application. 3D printing is used to adapt the suction pad to your product.

Advantages of vacuum grippers


  • Plug + Play
  • Easy programming
  • Fast installation
  • Full customization
  • Cost effective
  • No external media supply
  • Efficient and easy automation
  • Fast response time



  • Food industry
  • Automotive/sheet metal industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Palletizing of cartons


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Centric gripper

General information about centric grippers

In most cases, 3 finger grippers are used. Pneumatic grippers are needed for high gripping forces, electric grippers are needed to avoid using external media or to perform grip controls. The possibility to combine grippers, e.g. with sensors, product-specific gripper fingers or intermediate jaws, ensures more productivity.

Advantages of centric grippers

  • Gripping accuracy
  • Longevity
  • Investment security
  • Chemical resistance


For self-centering gripping of round parts, especially for chip-removing area.


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Magnetic gripper

General information about magnetic grippers

When handling ferromagnetic workpieces in use, magnetic grippers help you in the simple solution of the application. The use of magnetic grippers allows the highest flexibility of your application and guarantees that even in emergency stop situations, the gripped object will continue to be held firmly not fall down. Magnetic grippers are especially helpful for workpieces that cannot be picked up in the clamping handle

Advantages magnetic gripper

  • Energy-efficient
  • Nearly contour-independent


  • Machine loading CNC
  • Bending presses
  • Machining machines
  • Ferromagnetic workpieces


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The Universal Robots UR16e - a true powerhouse

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