Image processing solutions and optical inspection systems

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Tailored solutions for a wide range of industrial testing tasks

Sensors, cameras, lenses, lighting

With automated image processing systems, continuous quality control becomes an absolutely reliable routine job. Higher productivity and fewer complaints are direct benefits. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality components for optical quality inspection, plus independent consulting, feasibility analyses and design support.



Our products

Vision Sensors

General information about vision sensors

Vision sensors are usually the first step into industrial image processing. With us, you will find an extensive selection of reliable and industrial-grade vision sensors and optical inspection systems with the best price/performance ratio for simple and complex inspection tasks. In addition, we support you in deciding on the appropriate application-optimized components and offer independent consulting and feasibility analyses.

Application fields

  • Replacement of contrast scanners
  • Feature checking
  • Completeness checking


Advantages of Vision Sensors

  • Multiple photoelectric sensors are replaced by one vision sensor
  • Easy setup and maintenance by factory personnel
  • Simplified setup of the entire system
  • Display and record images
  • No PLC programming due to evaluation in the sensor
  • PROFINET on board


Smart cameras

General information about smart cameras

Smart cameras are used for optical quality inspection in production, fast non-contact localization of parts or for reading codes or labels in logistics. When the complexity of the task is no longer trivial - for example, in pick and place or character reading - smart cameras are very popular due to their design and compactness (evaluation is integrated in camera). More and more functions of PC systems are now being performed by smart cameras, which are becoming more and more powerful. We offer a wide range of high-quality cameras and support you in selecting the ideal components or with a complete solution. In addition, you will also receive independent advice, feasibility analyses and test samples.

Application fields

  • Absence control
  • Measurement tasks
  • Pick & Place
  • OCR (font reading)


Advantages of smart cameras

  • Universally customizable thanks to a wide range of lighting options
  • Variant for C-mount lenses or autofocus
  • Easybuilder to get started quickly but also advanced script-level parameterization
  • Color and b/w models


2D and 3D profile sensors

General information about profile sensors

A light-section sensor uses triangulation to capture a profile, so it is used for contour detection. By moving the object or sensor, it becomes a 3D point cloud. Configurable smart sensors can be used to solve simple but extremely robust measurement and inspection tasks. The non-smart 3D sensors are an ideal complement to classical image processing: the point clouds are interpreted as "false color images" and thus form the basis for further programming. In addition to an extensive selection of high-quality 2D and 3D sensors, we also offer independent consulting, feasibility analyses and test samples.

Application fields

  • Testing and readjustment of dimensional accuracy of gaps and grooves
  • Verification of press-fit processes
  • Tracking of edge positions in case of difficult accessibility


Advantages of 2D and 3D sensors

  • Independent on surface color
  • Independent on extraneous light
  • Factory calibrated system
  • No extra lighting required


Optics and lighting

General about optics and lighting

Not all machine vision tasks can be solved with integrated lighting or integrated lens. Therefore, we carry a large portfolio of professional lighting and lens solutions. Whether telecentric lenses for measurement applications or endocentric lenses for special fields of view, high power dome light for reflective surfaces or compact line lights for confined installation: with us, you receive not only a wide selection of high quality sensors, but also independent advice, feasibility analyses and test samples for optics and lighting.

Application fields

  • Intralogistics
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry
  • Assembly and handling technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Machine tool construction
  • Presence of labels
  • Robot gripping of components
  • Testing for completeness/loading condition



  • High modularity of the systems
  • Scalability in performance for cost-optimized deployment
  • Customized and installation space-optimized solutions
  • Consulting for design and optimization


Product range

  • Endocentric lenses
  • Telecentric lenses
  • Line and area illuminators
  • Dome illuminators
  • Spot illuminators
  • Darkfield illuminators
  • Telecentric illuminators
  • Special illuminators



Project Services

With Schmachtl Project Services you are in good hands from the start of your project. 

From the consultation meeting to technical support. We support you so that you can implement your project




1.  Technical consultations:

- For new applications/


- Replacement types alternative for

existing applications

2. Online/on-site demonstrations/


3. Training & continuing education


4.  Rental equipment/test equipment


1.  Process analysis

needs assessment

2.  Feasibility study

3. Conceptual design/


manufacturing services

1.  Assembly/

subassembly assembly

2.  Pre-assembly

3. Insertion

4.  Assembly/


5.  Commissioning/


6.  Start-up support/

Performance check

7. CE conformity assessment

8.  Retrofit: Modernization &

Retrofit, equipment replacement

Ongoing additional services

1.  Service Packages:


(Emergency call for malfunction)/

Monitoring Services

2.  Technical Support

Logistics services

With our logistics services you have the possibility to choose between different

delivery and storage options. We support you. 


delivery options

1.  Collective deliveries

2.  Demand site deliveries

3. Consignment stock

4.  Flexible delivery times

Packaging Solutions

1.  Customized goods


commission packaging

industry (collective packaging)

2.  Special packaging

E - Business

1.  EDI integration

Storage options

1.  Spare parts storage

2.  Master contracts:

stock in stock


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