Environmental Engineering

Measure and monitor dust emissions, detect oil on water



Environmental technology in industry

Industry and traffic are the major emission sources of our time. Schmachtl offers solutions for measuring and monitoring dust and gas emissions, dust filters and the absence of oil in rivers and lakes.

Oil leaks or oil spills in industrial plants are a major threat to our environment. Discharges into rivers and lakes must always be monitored for freedom from oil. Depending on the application, the appropriate measurement method must be used. To determine the dust or gas concentration in industrial plants, processes or procedures, different measurement methods are designed, installed and periodically maintained.



Our products

Measure and Monitor (Gas Emissions)


  • In-situ and extractive gauges
  • Digital operation with microprocessor
  • Modbus RTU interfaces
  • Contact and analog outputs
  • Smallest measuring ranges
  • Automatic range switching
  • Long life light sources
  • Automatic functional and system tests
  • Easy adjustment
  • Weather protection hood
  • Measuring devices for humid gases


Measurement methods in environmental engineering

  • Two-beam alternating light method
  • Scattered light method
  • Principle of forward scattering
  • Triboelectric measurement principle
  • Beta ray absorption
  • Mercury vapor photometer
  • Volume flow rate
  • Ultrasonic flow rate
  • Environmental and process data computer

Approvals (depending on device type)

  • TÜV suitability test
  • DIN EN 15267-3
  • Listed in "suitable devices for EMI measuring instruments"


General information about environmental measurement technology

Our long-standing partner DURAG GROUP manufactures and develops measuring equipment in the field of environmental measurement technology for measuring dust concentrations and opacity, total mercury and exhaust gas volume flow as well as evaluation systems for calculating emissions. For the selection of suitable measuring equipment, information such as the desired measurand and especially the plant conditions are of great importance. European and worldwide applied standards and approvals are the basis for our variety of devices.


application fields


  • Caloric power plants
  • Waste incinerators
  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement plants
  • Boiler plants


  • Lime plants
  • Steel industry
  • Wet cleaning plants
  • Asphalt mixing plants
  • Filters and dust collection plants
  • Monitoring of ambient air




  • VDI 2066 / VDI 3950
  • EN 14181
  • EN 15267
  • EN 13284


  • EN 14848
  • EN 12341
  • ISO 10473
  • ASTM D-6216.98


Product range

  • Dust measurement
  • Filter monitoring
  • Immission measurement
  • Airflow sensors
  • Mercury analysis
  • Visual opacity meters
  • Volume flow measurement


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Measure oil in/on water

Advantages of oil warning devices

  • Detection of mineral oils, synthetic oils, emulsions, free hydrocarbons
  • Non-contact measurement method
  • High response sensitivity
  • Factory calibration
  • Large sensing area (approx. d = 20 cm)
  • High long-term stability
  • Low maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Extremely long lifetime of the UV lamps / LEDs
  • Calibration plate included
  • Automatic self-diagnostics


General information about oil warning devices

Our partner in monitoring tasks is CHEMTRONIC, a pioneer in the field of optical process measurement technology. We sell, install and service various oil monitors and oil scanners for detecting oil in water. Our oil monitors detect even small amounts of oil. Other product lines include in-line turbidimeters and photometers (VIS, NIR and UV). In addition to traditional optical technologies, we offer an easy-to-install, virtually maintenance-free ultrasonic turbidity measurement system. This technology is not affected by product color or coating formation.


application fields


  • Potable water treatment (e.g. reservoirs)
  • Power plant turbines
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Oil in drinking water
  • Cooling water (heat exchanger oil)



  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry / refineries
  • Heavy industry
  • Power plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Potable water treatment


  • Production water
  • Rainwater retention basin
  • Direct discharge into rivers / lakes
  • Discharge into municipal sewerage network


Product range

  • Oil on water
  • Oil in water
  • Oil in condensate / cooling water
  • Turbidity measurement
  • UV, VIS, NIR photometer


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Project Services

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manufacturing services

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Monitoring Services

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Logistics services


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