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X-frame: The intelligent machine frame concept

Flexible and fast machine frame solutions

With the X-frame concept from häwa, complex machine frames can be assembled in a short time and with few individual components.



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Machine Frames X-frame

General information about X-frame machine frames

X-frame from häwa is a patented box module system made of sturdy sheet steel. The system offers flexible solutions for complex machine frames by using intelligent and standardized components. The modular design also allows subsequent modifications and additions to be implemented quickly.

Application fields

  • Robot cells
  • Laser cells up to protection class 4
  • Packaging and assembly lines
  • Round clocks
  • Test cells also for clean rooms
  • Stainless steel design for food industry


Advantages of X-frame

  • Variable due to standardized modules
  • Efficient due to simple modular design
  • Stability due to the use of different material thicknesses
  • Added value due to the routing of hoses, cables and components in the frame (additional cable ducts, housings and fasteners are not required)



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