Safety switch with tumbler, door handles

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Safety switch with guard locking, door handles

To protect the people and machines, it is important to secure danger zone in such a way that people cannot enter the area.

These areas are protected by means of door interlocks. These are designed as safety switches with guard locking and also as a feature in a door handle.




Security door tumblers and switches


  • SIL 3 and PL e, already with a single device
  • High protection class up to IP67 and IP69K
  • Non-contact actuation with RFID technology for a long lifetime
  • High locking force of the actuator up to 9. 750 N
  • Locking device with guard locking,
  • Metal housing, three M20 cable entries
  • Actuator with two possible coding levels (low and high)
  • Automatic centering of the actuator
  • Heads and unlocks can each be rotated independently, not separable
  • Dustproof
  • 2 operating modes
  • 6 LED status indicators
  • Buttons integrated in the device housing
  • Escape release button (escape release)
  • Lock-out / tag-out: Compatible with Pizzato security door handles AP series
  • 3 buttons selectable


  • Diverse industry
  • Machine builders
  • Mobile applications: Forklift excavator

Advantages safety door tumblers:

  • Ple+Sil3
  • Inline switching
  • Dirt immunity
  • LEDs for fast diagnostics
  • EN ISO 14119



General information about safety interlocks and switches:

Safety switches of the NG series are mainly used on machines where a hazard exists, even after the machine's standstill control has been triggered. Mechanical parts such as guide rollers, saw blades, etc. could still be moving after the machine has been switched off, or parts of the machine could still be hot or under pressure. The switches can thus also be used if you only want to open individual protective devices under certain conditions.


- A series connection of several switches is possible. (Up to 32 pieces)

- Safety levels PL e according to EN ISO13849-1

- SIL 3 according to EN 62061 guaranteed.

Series NS with electromagnet and RFID technology:

The NS series switches are suitable for controlling protective devices on machines where - even after the machine's stop signal has been triggered - a hazard still exists: dangerous moving parts could still be moving after the machine has been switched off, or parts of the machine could still be hot or under pressure.


"Lock-out" device LK S for NS series safety switches:

The device is made entirely of metal and is attached to the side of the holes of the NS devices without an additional mounting plate or bracket.

The slide not only closes the insertion opening for the actuator, but also serves as a shield for RFID receiver antenna of the NS switch and thus provides double protection against unintentional closing of the safety guard and early restart of the machine. This is particularly effective, for example, on machines where a low-code actuator is installed, and prevents any attempt to bypass the switch.

When the slide is raised, an elongated eyelet appears at the top of the device into which you can hook up to 5 padlocks.


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Safety sensors


  • High switching reproducibility
  • Reliable sensing
  • Large range
  • Robust housing
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • High dirt resistance
  • High protection classes


General information about safety sensors:

Thanks to their extremely compact design and non-contact RFID technology, the ST series sensors guarantee a long-term durable solution for frequently operated safety devices. They can also be used in difficult environmental conditions.

The choice of 3 different actuators with different mounting and actuation directions makes these sensors particularly

versatile. They are suitable for installation on almost all types of machines and large as well as small guards.



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Door handles


  • SIL 3 and PL e, already with a single device
  • High protection class up to IP67 and IP69K
  • Non-contact actuation with RFID technology for a long service life
  • Locking device, contactless, coded, type 4 according to EN ISO 14119
  • Housing made of glass-fiber-reinforced, self-extinguishing technopolymer
  • Compact dimensions for easy mounting on all protective devices
  • Operation possible from different directions
  • Choice between 3 different actuators
  • Two coding levels (low and high) according to EN ISO 14119
  • Sensor programmable during installation phase
  • Output with M12 connector or integrated cable


  • Automotive industry
  • Pharm. Industry
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mobile applications: Excavators, Piles


General information about security door handles:

New, revolutionary safety door handle from Pizzato Elettrica

In the new P-KUBE Krome series from Pizzato Elettrica, integrated LED indicators provide information on the status of the safety device with a visual signal.

With the optional built-in command button and the optional integrated indicator light, the robust ergonomic safety door handle P-Kube Krome from Pizzato offers a fully integrated visual status and operating status signaling.

Thanks to RGB technology, the signal colors for the operating status of the system can be freely selected by the user.

Special features of the series P-KUBE Krome:

  • Compatible with safety switches of the series NG and NS (+ RFID technology according to EN ISO 144119)
  • Reduction of storage costs (handle on swing and sliding doors optionally right or left, without parts replacement)
  • Long service life due to robust design (mounting plate made of 5 mm steel)
  • Manipulation-proof due to snap-in protective caps
  • Manipulation-proof due to RFID-supported actuator with high coding level
  • Integrated, illuminated pushbutton for various functions: Request-Open, Close, Reset ...
  • Local status indication at guard by integrated RGB LED
  • Flexible signal color of handle


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