Components and system solutions for industry

Productivity. Efficiency. Safety.

This is how we measure the success of a system solution. Decades of experience working with industry partners have taught us that even the smallest subcomponent contributes significantly to the overall function. Therefore, the principle that applies to us in detail as well as overall is: system knowledge decides.


About Schmachtl

A History of Tradition, Innovation and Vision

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Staying on the cutting edge


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Drive Technology

When technology and power meet, motion is created. In drive technology, we see ourselves as the catalyst of your systems engineering success. To this end, we provide you with competent advice, we work exclusively with products from high-quality brand manufacturers, and we score points with our sound engineering expertise.



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Whether individual components or complete engineering including analysis, design, implementation and service - as a system provider, we supply everything from a single source in the field of automation. We act independently of suppliers and select the optimum solution individually for each application.



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Energy Technology

Generating, transmitting, applying, and storing energy. The path of electricity from its generation to its consumption is only paved by the interaction of diverse subsystems. With the appropriate range of products and services for energy technology, we accompany you every step of the way. From conception to installation and commissioning to maintenance and service.



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Building Services

Easy, fast and secure. Plug & Play systems deliver what their name promises. Pluggable installation and automation solutions allow buildings to be electrified efficiently and without errors. LED luminaires and supplementary components from the lighting technology complete the range in building technology.



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In diversity lies strength. This law applies not only to nature itself, but also in dealing with its elements. Our range of filter technology, heat exchangers and pumps is correspondingly diverse. From these, we create individual combinations and solutions for your requirements.



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Measurement and Environmental Technology

Success means responsibility. For resource-saving work in terms of safety, productivity and the environment. With our range of services and our expertise in the fields of measurement and environmental technology, we help you fulfill this responsibility.



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Pump and Compressor Technology

As in many other technical areas, one size fits none also applies to pumps and compressors. Unique requirements demand individual solutions. That's why we rely on a broad, quality-tested product range combined with specific expertise to optimally meet your needs in pump technology or compressor technology.



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"Cobots" are collaborative robots that can work with humans, playing a critical role in automating manufacturing facilities. This new generation of robots is sensitive: they sense touch and stop before there is any danger to humans. In addition, they have force sensitivity. This means they have feeling in their movements.  Collaborative here also stands for interaction without spatial separation between humans and machines.



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With success comes responsibility. For our own workforce and for our customers. The greatest possible safety in operations is therefore indispensable. We see safety as an integral part of your processes and support you in implementing a suitable safety solution. Our portfolio includes products and solutions for personal, machine and production safety.





Switch cabinet technology

The control cabinet is the heart of any plant. We therefore work not only with high-quality components, but also and above all with our system knowledge of interfaces and wiring in the field of control cabinet technology.



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Our range of services

Your needs are the benchmark by which we measure ourselves. For us, success means providing system services that meet your individual requirements. Accordingly, we design the possibilities of cooperation in a variety of ways.



  • Needs analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Cost optimization


  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning


  • Telephone hotline
  • Follow-up support
  • Maintenance
  • Service contracts
  • Training