ProGlove Reel - the new industry wearable



ProGlove Reel - the new industrial wearable

ProGlove is launching a new product: Reel is worn on a strap around the neck or as a belt clip and can be combined with all scanners in the MARK product family

How does ProGlove Reel work?

Its adjustable mounting position ensures that contact with scanned items and materials is not mandatory when working. 

Reel has a pull-to-scan function and triggers the scan engine when the heavy-duty 70 cm aramid thread is pulled. In addition, the new wearable comes with an extra release button.

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Two options: Through a clip or wearable with lanyard.


Why ProGlove Reel?

Reel allows users to quickly and easily scan items within their reach without having to carry a traditional, heavy and bulky gun scanner. 


Applications in Logistics and Assembly

Reel is the wearable for low-scanning environments - in product returns or quality control.

- Areas where little scanning takes place

- Processes with special glove requirements

- Handling highly sensitive objects



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