PSD Servo Drive



The new PSD family of servo drives: available in single and multi-axis systems.

The PSD1-S is a stand-alone version that connects directly to the network.

The PSD1-M is a multi-axis servo system. Each axis module can supply up to three servo motors. The modules are available as single, dual or triple axis versions. This makes the system extremely compact and flexible. PSD1-M was specially developed for central control systems. Special features include an extremely small footprint per axis and special vibration suppression for optimum results.


General characteristics of the PSD family:


  • EtherCAT / PROFINET / Ethernet/IP configurable
  • Fast and easy wiring
  • Pluggable SD card
  • Integrated configuration via Parker Automation Manager


The PSD-S and PSD-M servo drive supports the following feedback systems

  • DSL (single and multiturn) single cable solution
  • Resolver
  • 1 Vpp rotary and linear encoders
  • TTL incremental encoder


Special features of the PSD1-S stand-alone servo drive

The PSD single-axis drive in its particularly slim housing can be supplied with both E in-phase and three-phase power. The compact design makes the PSD-S especially suitable for small machines and machine modules.


Special features of the PSD1-M multi-axis servo system

PSD1-M is designed for any application where multiple drives are commonly used and gives OEMs and end users the ability to reduce manufacturing, configuration and operating costs while increasing productivity. 

  • Quick and easy conductor connection using push-in technology. 
  • Only one cable between drive and SMH motor
  • Lower wiring costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced space requirements to improve profitability.


Product description

Special Features: Safe drive technology

The Servo Drives feature "Safe Torque Off" (STO) as standard to protect the user and machine against unexpected machine start-up.

Performance Level PL=e

EN ISO 13849



Packaging machines

Material Forming Machines

handling machines

General Automation


  • Higher flexibility
  • Easy and fast initial commissioning
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher productivity - shorter downtime & faster
  • Reduced costs for wiring and installation


Why Schmachtl

  • Design of the entire drive train
  • Preconfiguration for your application
  • Buffer storage for series requirements
  • Prefabrication of the drive as required




For more information about our products and services, contact a Schmachtl sales representative. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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