System LED Tunable White



Variable in light color, unbeatable in color fidelity

In the TUNABLE WHITE LED luminaire from LED2WORK, the light color can be continuously selected between warm white, natural white and daylight white, and can also be changed again as required, which is particularly useful for optical control workstations as well as in assembly.

The color rendering of the light comes thereby with a color rendering index of Ra >98 very close to the natural sunlight. At the same time, the LED luminaire manages to illuminate the work area homogeneously and without shadows.


Why System LED Tunable?

The light of System-LED Tunable W is based on TRI-R technology. Via the LED chips, a light is generated that has a color spectrum comparable to sunlight. In addition, there is a very high color rendering and color quality.



  • Optical control workstations, assembly workstations and
  • Manual workstations in goldsmith, dental laboratory, watchmaking and quality control
  • For surface control under different light colors



  • Color rendering up to Ra > 98, this is close to sunlight
  • Promotes concentration and reduces fatigue
  • Adjustable from 3. 000 K to 6,500 K via an easy-to-use
  • button panel on the luminaire head
  • Select color temperature between warm white, over
  • neutral white to daylight white

Features of LED light fixture:

  • Improving existing lighting solutions - brighter, longer-lasting, more economical
  • Increased productivity through perfectly tuned light
  • We call this added value: "Intelligence in Light"


Why Schmachtl?

  • Consulting as well as product selection for your lighting solutions
  • Expertise, know-how and update on product innovations
  • After sales: entire life-cycle can be supported by us. This means smooth operation and investment security




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