BG engines Dunker



Robust. Maintenance-free. Modular.

Brushless DC motors from Schmachtl

Due to the modular construction system, our BG series motors from

Dunkermotoren can be combined with gearboxes, brakes and actual value encoders. The result is

customized, economical, and market-oriented drive solutions.


Product details

Special product advantages of the BG series:

- Different sizes

- Wide speed/torque range

- Long service life

- Efficiencies up to more than 90 %

- High overload capability

- Protection classes up to IP65

- Integrated control electronics

- Variety of common interfaces



- Industrial automation

- Mechanical engineering, woodworking, paper and textile machines, robotics, logistics ...

- Basic automation

- Smoke extraction dampers, copying machines, snow cannons, smart grids, solar trackers ...

- Medical and laboratory technology

- Radiology equipment, bed adjustment, centrifuges, pumps ...

- Motive

- Braking systems, municipal vehicles, parking heaters ...

- Door automation

- Sliding/swinging doors, platforms, rolling gates ...

- Renewable energies, sun protection


Why Schmachtl?


  • Compatibility check with existing safety concept
  • Safety complete solutions
  • Conceptual design and construction
  • Integration and assembly
  • After-sales, training



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For more information about our products and services, contact a Schmachtl sales representative. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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