Storage System for Hospital in Uganda



Schmachtl UPS experts support project in Africa

Photovoltaic storage system provides uninterruptible power supply at St. Joseph's Hospital in Kitgum.

Funded by donations from EWK Bad Zell, Schmachtl supplied a 120 kVA photovoltaic storage system to the non-profit service provider BBM for St. Josephs Hospital in Kitgum.

Assembly and commissioning took place in November 2017. Since then, a significant part of the energy is self-generated "for free" and the hospital in Kitgum is securely supplied with electricity around the clock.


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Worth knowing about the system

The system guarantees 100% power supply even under harsh conditions, as well as voltage filtering through the UPS system's online technology.

Unique is the uninterruptible bi-directional use of the system (drawing and feeding back to the public grid).

In the event of excess energy from the PV system, the storage system battery can be recharged.

If the battery is also full, it is fed back into the grid without interruption.

Technical data

  • PV installed: 25000 Wpeak
  • 2 grid inverters Aros Sirio Evo each 12.5kW
  • UPS for solar operation Aros SPS 120kVA (bidirectional)
  • Battery 33* 12V 150Ah/C10 from Hoppecke
  • Installation time: 16 days with earthworks and tests




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