Safely monitor hazards in confined spaces



Gas detectors and area monitors reliably protect people from gas hazards

Confined spaces can be extremely dangerous - low oxygen levels, flammable gases and toxic substances are just some of the dangers that can lurk there. Before entering a confined space, you must familiarize yourself with the regulations, obtain any necessary permits, and sample the atmosphere in the space. Even after the space has been inspected and found to be safe, you must monitor the air while employees are there. Our sales engineers can advise you on the proper procedures for sampling confined spaces and provide information on the overall concept of safety equipment and its maintenance.


The following points must be ensured during a gas monitoring

Sample before entering

A gas detector with a pump allows an air sample to be taken before entering the room. The Ventis Pro, Ventis MX4 and MX6 iBrid gas detectors are available with optional pumps to allow an air sample to be taken before entering a room. Accessories required for this purpose, such as sample tubing and probes, make it easier for workers to perform accurate sampling. The Radius BZ1 is also available with a pump, and in this variant allows continuous monitoring from outside the room while an employee is there.

Wireless monitoring

Wireless gas monitors like the Ventis Pro provide you and your team with continuous, real-time data. Thanks to LENS Wireless, the observer can track what is happening inside the confined space and, if necessary, respond quickly to deteriorating conditions in the space. Using these gas detectors with an RGX Gateway provides supervisors in the control room, the ability to continuously monitor conditions in real time without the need to station an observer at the entrance to the confined space.

Intrinsic Safety

All equipment used in a confined space must be intrinsically safe to eliminate the risk of explosion. In addition to gas detectors, this includes all associated equipment such as lighting, cables and fans.

Proper maintenance and compliance

The DSX Docking Station provides automatic calibration, display testing, documentation and diagnostics of equipment.

Battery Life

A battery with increased run time allows workers to work longer in the field without having to move protective equipment out of the area due to the need to replace a battery. Ventis Pro gas detectors have 3 different battery options to choose from to meet your runtime requirements. The Radius BZ1 can operate continuously for 7 days on one battery charge and offers unlimited runtime when used with an extended runtime power supply.

User Friendliness

User-friendly devices simplify use, allowing timely action to be taken in an emergency. The Ventis Pro multi-gas alarms and Radius BZ1 area monitor provide an audible alarm and clear readable displays, such as "EVACUATE," to help clarify emergency situations and enable action to be taken. 


Why Schmachtl

  • Schmachtl offers both portable and stationary gas detectors and systems
  • Our selection of single-gas and multi-gas detectors are suitable for monitoring one to seven gases simultaneously.
  • Accessories complement the gas monitors to a complete system
  • Schmachtl offers maintenance, inspection and repair of the equipment
  • Consulting on the entire concept of safety equipment and its safe operation for your specific application.




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