Mobile polycarbonate partitions to protect against Covid-19



Discover our range of polycarbonate or sheet metal safety barriers to protect your employees from Covid-19.

Secure the industrial protection package against Covid-19 now with mobile protective fences from our partner SATECH to actively counteract any possible spread in vulnerable areas. Permanent protection, easily installed!


Why mobile dividers?

Polycarbonate and plexiglass products

GreenFast-AntiDroplet protective wall without/with grid


GreenFast Stand Alone, with a height of over 2m, is a practical and lightweight protective wall. This protective wall is used to maintain the distance between employees and to separate them in shared spaces, such as production areas. To ensure mobile use, the infection control barriers are also available with casters.

The Anti-Droplet Protective Wall Kit with Grid - is available to you now as a kit with a shorter delivery time.

A kit includes:

- 1 panel with frame

- 1 polycarbonate screen with a thickness of 4mm

- 2 feet for quick assembly

- 2 stabilizing bases

- Available in widths: 100, 120, 150cm


Droplet Guard protective wall for reception counter


DropletGuard, is the easy and quick to install protective wall for the reception counter. With modern and elegant design, the sturdy partition can be integrated into any interior.

- 8mm plexiglass

- Dimensions 100x75cm




Why are mobile partitions used?

SATECH protective walls provide good spatial separation and thus a very good measure to safely implement social distancing in a tight production environment.



FAQ and Covid-19


How is Corona transmitted?

Corona pathogens are transmitted by droplet infection during sneezing and coughing. This risk of transmission and its effects must be prevented. A spatial separation by, for example, clear polycarbonate panes offers a good opportunity here.

Why polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a crystal-clear, high-quality material with a very high impact strength and thus significantly more stable than glass. Due to its good of UV resistance and weatherability, it is particularly suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.  

How can you protect your employees and your business?

We offer protective walls made of special polycarbonate panes and sheet metal panels - so your employees are 100% protected! This also allows your production to continue as usual and without production downtime.

Alternatively, the guards are also available in sheet metal with a small polycarbonate field of view to provide a stable design with a limited field of view.





Why Schmachtl?

  • Accompanying the safeguarding of machinery and equipment from the concept phase to final implementation (consulting and technical support, engineering and design, installation and assembly, etc.).
  • With fast response times and personal assistance from our technical support, we fulfill our self-declared claim to be a reliable partner with a backbone for you.
  • Thanks to the wide variety of products from different premium brand manufacturers, we can offer fast and functional automation solutions for a wide range of applications. 
  • Low procurement costs with assured quality standards ensure an attractive price / performance ratio.





Schmachtl Customer Service

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