RSL 400 PROFIsafe



Safe. Robust. Reliable.

Schmachtl creates new dimensions with the RSL 400 PROFIsafe safety laser scanner.

The new version of the safety laser scanner from Leuze now also enables users to integrate it into industrial networks via a PROFINET interface.

This enables safe communication, simple configuration and diagnostics via central access points. The removable connection unit with integrated PROFINET switch allows the laser scanner to be replaced without network interruption.

With an angular resolution of 0.1°, the safety laser scanner is particularly robust against dirt particles and offers approximately 3x higher scanning than conventional scanners.


Product details

Advantages of RSL 400 PROFIsafe:

  • Large range up to 8.25 m
  • Wide scanning angle of 270 °
  • Parallel monitoring of 4 protective fields simultaneously
  • Removable connection unit
  • Low angular resolution of 0.1 °


AIDA compliant:

  • AIDA-compliant PROFINET connection unit for copper or fiber optic cable with push-pull connectors.


Intelligently solved:

  • Removable connection unit with integrated
    PROFINET switch allows replacement of
    scanner without interrupting the network
  • Side cable feed to M12 connectors
    for minimal installation height


M12 connector:

  • PROFINET connection unit with M12 connectors for 2-port switch and power supply


Why Schmachtl?


  • Compatibility check with existing safety concept
  • Safety complete solutions
  • Conceptual design and construction
  • Integration and assembly
  • After-sales, training



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