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"Smart Process Gating" is the new signaling sensor based safety light curtain system

Based on the MLC safety light curtains, this new process makes it possible to make access guarding for material transport cheaper, simpler and safer.

Until now, in intralogistics or the automotive and packaging industries, material locks on conveyor lines had often been protected against unauthorized access by optical safety sensors. Here, muting processes with muting sensors were often used to clearly detect the approach of conveyed material to a protective field and to bridge it, at the right time, for passage. The newly developed SPG process (Smart Process Gating) offers an innovative alternative: with it

the signaling sensors can be dispensed with. Conveyor systems can thus be designed more compactly on the basis of the MLC safety light curtains. 


"Smart Process Gating"

Applications in Practice


Automotive industry

Why 'Smart Process Gating?

No more muting sensors needed

TÜV safety certified

Performance Level PL d (mit Standard-Steuerung)

PL e (with safety control)

Space-saving design

Compact design

Special features

  • With the SPG, the first muting signal comes from the process control (PLC), the second signal is generated by the protective field itself.
  • Availability of the entire safety device is increased. 
  • Wiring effort as well as the risk of tampering are reduced
  • Acquisition costs
  • This eliminates the risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors, as well as the effort for their maintenance and servicing. 



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