World's First Combination Fork Sensor GSX



Flexible as never before! Precise label detection for optimum operational reliability at high tape speeds

The GSX 14 fork sensor is the first of its kind in the world to compactly combine the two detection principles of ultrasound and light in one housing. This is the first time that the advantages of both principles have been combined, thereby enabling particularly flexible use for a wide range of labels. 


A high variety of labels, regardless of their material and composition, are detected reliably, quickly and with positional accuracy. Even labels made of inhomogeneous Cavitated BOPP material can be reliably detected thanks to the optical operating principle.

The world's first combination fork sensor has been specially developed by Leuze for labeling machines in the packaging industry.

The fork sensor is particularly suitable for applications in which a wide range of different types of labels have to be detected and, until now, several different (fork sensors) devices were often required for this purpose. 

Until now, there were only two fork sensor variants: Light and ultrasound. For the first time, the GSX 14 combines the advantages of optical detection and the ultrasonic solution in one device.

Why fork sensors?

The task of fork sensors is precise positioning of the label and safe and reliable detection of the labels to be applied - even at high belt speeds. This advantage increases machine throughput and avoids sill downtime.

  • Universal use for the detection of all types of label material
  • High operational reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • This saves the user not only space, but also effort and costs during installation and commissioning
  • Teach button for easy set-up




IO Link for easy configuration and recipe management

With an IO Link interface, the sensor can be configured easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to this interface, remote teaching or locking of the keys can be done. 

With the help of a recipe management a comfortable format changeover at roll change was realized. A new teaching when changing the roll to another label format is therefore not necessary.

With this fast setup, you increase production quantities and can increase your competitive advantage





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