Currently trending ultra-small RST connector for industrial and LED lighting



RST miniature connectors, specially designed for low voltage applications.

Extremely small and unobtrusive, easy to operate with no interfering locking geometries, yet secured against pulling and sealed, the RST Micro is a connector whose compact design and functionality make it unique on the market.

The continuous pluggable RST system - from the distributor to the electrical device - consists of factory-assembled and tested components with the same guaranteed high-quality finish every time. This makes project and process sequences easier to calculate. Assembly times can be reduced by up to 70 percent compared with conventional installation. Total costs are reduced by 30 percent. The flexible plug-in system also helps with conversions or expansions, because the installation is quickly and easily adapted. 


Applications in practice

- LED luminaires

- Low-voltage and mains applications

- Industrial controls

- Shipbuilding and equipment


Why RTS connectors?

- Installation times reduced up to 70 percent

- Diameter less than 15 mm

- Total costs reduced by 30 percent

- Compact design

- Easy to operate

- Without disturbing locking geometries

- Easy, fast and safe installation

- Available with water stop


Optional water stop for outdoor use

To prevent even a single drop of water from paralyzing the technology, especially outdoors,

the RST Micro is available with an optional water stop. Penetrated moisture is prevented by

an internal sealing system from passing on, damage to the entire installation thus

. The leaking part can be isolated and specifically repaired.


Technical data

- Rated voltage: ~50/-120V; 250V; 250/400V

- Rated current: 8A

- Protection class: IP66/68/69 + optional water stop



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