Our partner DUNKERMOTOREN wins the Best of Industry Award.



Excellent and fully integrated. With the BG 95 dPro, DUNKERMOTOREN combines control, power stage, encoder, brake and gearbox in one drive unit. This gives you a perfectly matched complete system.

Adapted to your requirements, modules (hardware and software) are added that enable, for example, an additional encoder interface or a customer-specific servo function. This creates an extremely flexible system that can cover almost any project requirement. The advantages are also evident in practical use: The drive has all the technical data of the modules and peripherals "in its belly", for example the gearbox data, the overload capacity or the characteristics of the built-in brake. 


BG 95dPro

Why BG 95dPro?

Highly integrated servo drive


Full feature set

First servo motor with peak power up to 3900 W

CANopen and Industrial Ethernet interfaces in the smallest space

Programming in the "C" language like a PLC

Autonomous accomplishment of tasks

Integrable into IoT networks

Operational security

Technical specifications

BG 95 dPro is the first fully integrated low voltage motor to reach the threshold of 1 kW duration or 3900 W peak output power. Currents up to almost 200 A in the motor required completely new concepts of current management. Heat losses are minimized by using stamped copper sheets instead of wires. Soldering processes were replaced by welding processes for better performance.


Why Schmachtl?

- Technical product consulting

- Design and support for configuration and parameterization

- Application know-how in the field of drive technology

- Added value through availability, supplier optimization




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