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How to avoid operational disruptions and the associated costs.

The solution to a well-known problem: Operation interruptions are an unavoidable evil! By upstream of an AquaBoll backwash filter with 5 mm fine screen cylinder and optimized flushing device, these can at least be reduced to a minimum.

In many places, the aluminum and steel industries rely on river water for energy production, but also for cooling purposes. Larvae deposited by migratory or zebra mussels (mainly on merchant ships) contaminate cooling water on a large scale. This leads to a situation where the inside of some tubes is covered with mussels.  To protect heat exchangers against coarser fouling, backwash filters with a filter fineness of 200-1000 µm are used. However, these are not able to flush out smaller particles >10mm. 

This usually does not cause a functional problem, at least as long as the live mussels, which are about 30-40 mm in size, adhere to the tube wall. After the mussels die off, there is sometimes a gushing of mussel shells into the filters, which leads to overloading of the flushing system and necessitates disassembly along with manual cleaning.By connecting upstream an AquaBoll backwash filter with a 5 mm fine screen cylinder along with an optimized flushing device, it is possible to prevent such interruptions in operation.




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