Reliable transfer of precious liquids



The complete solution for markets requiring ultra-low pulsation pumps

With the FP 70, KNF has added another low-pulsation pump to its Smooth Flow range. The new pump combines the low pulsation of gear and centrifugal pumps with the well-known strengths of a diaphragm pump.

The KNF FP 70 is self-priming, can be run dry and pumps liquids gently and cleanly. At the same time, it is resistant to chemicals. Thanks to the integration of pulsation-dampening technology, additional pulsation-dampening elements and hoses are not required when using the KNF FP 70. The pump itself can thus be operated with extremely low pulsation, even in confined spaces. System requirements are the top priority when choosing a motor: the Smooth Flow pump can be equipped with motors of different performance classes, the parameters of which can be customized.

Fast Facts:

  • Integrated dampers for low-pulsation flow
  • Innovative 4-point valves for reliable self-priming
  • Customizable motor for precise control of flow rate



  • Sicherheit und Verteidigung
  • Inkjetdruck
  • Medizintechnik
  • Laborgeräte
  • Instrumentelle Analytik
  • Landwirtschaft
  • Chemische Industrie
  • Klimatechnologie
  • Lebensmittel- & Getränkeindustrie
  • Brennstoffzellen
  • Reinigung und Desinfektion
  • Automobilindustrie



  • Trockenlaufsicher
  • Geringe Pulsation
  • Außergewöhnliche Zuverlässigkeit
  • Ruhiger und schwingungsarmer Lauf
  • Kontaminationsfreie Förderung
  • Wartungsfrei
  • Hochbeständig gegenüber aggressiven Medien
  • Selbstansaugend
  • Regelbare Leistung
  • Digital parametrierbarer Motor



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