Oil mist collectors in practice



Application example Danube power plant Freudenau

Unwanted oil mist in plants leads to various problems. Depending on the machine design, the consequences can be time-consuming and costly.

Different techniques are available for separating oil mist from an air stream. Mechanical separation of oil particles from the air by coalescence has positive effects on operation. The correct use of oil mist separators supports the operator and saves costs.


Product Details

Operator challenges from uncontrolled oil mist:

  • Maintenance effort due to contamination of the equipment
  • Oiling of internal machine parts (for example in the generator)
  • Possible health impairment of the operating personnel
  • Missing of environmental regulations
  • Oil consumption in the lubrication system

Benefits of using Franke filter oil mist separators:

  • Protection of the plant and less maintenance
  • Significantly below the limits of the TA-Luft 2002
  • Easy replacement of the filter elements
  • Cleaned air can be discharged directly into the working environment
  • Individual designs (for initial equipment and retrofitting)


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